The Enlightenment Intensive
Dyad Communication as a Tool for Self-Realization

by Lawrence Noyes

A full and clear explanation of the Enlightenment Intensive, written by one of the leading masters and teachers of the technique.
The book includes:

  • Historical background, including the first Enlightenment Intensive in 1968

  • Examples of interviews with the master

  • Accounts of enlightenment experiences

  • Descriptions of the levels of enlightenment and mistaken enlightenment

  • Advice about integrating enlightenment into life

  • Over 30 photos

Cracking the Ancient Questions:
Who am I? What am I? What is life?

An Enlightenment Intensive offers a distinct method of personal growth. It is not a religion, a branch of Zen or Yoga, or part of any other system. It does not offer any guarantees or promised results. Instead, this "pure practice" offers a place for people to explore the ultimate questions of existence with practical guidance at each step. Lawrence Noyes took his first Enlightenment Intensive in 1976, trained extensively with founder Charles Berner until 1986, and has given his own seminars internationally for the past twenty years.

Intensives combine traditional Eastern methods of spirituality with the essential Western communication technique known as the dyad - a special form of partner communication. Since the first Enlightenment Intensive - which included just twenty-six participants - over 50,000 people have participated in one or more.

In The Enlightenment Intensive, Noyes provides detailed descriptions of the technique and structure of an Intensive and numerous first-person accounts from past participants. Not everyone reaches "enlightenment," but most participants feel they have gained substantial insight into themselves. The book is written for those people seeking a deeper understanding of who and what they really are, and is meant to help readers make an informed decision about whether an Enlightenment Intensive is right for them.

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